Baby Fitness Coach Makes Sure Dad Does His Push-Ups Right

perebay1 Published March 28, 2018 259 Plays $0.54 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsThis is the adorable moment when a compassionate baby boy decides to lend a helping hand to his father and take the weight off his shoulders. Watch how much this 18-month-old boy is determined to assist his dad with doing push-ups properly. You're never too young to start living that healthy lifestyle!

The baby boy actually stopped counting his father’s push-ups at 3, just like any drill instructor would do! However, it is no secret that this adorable little tot loves working out with his daddy, especially if it’s his dad doing the hard work and he is only the instructor who is entitled to urge dad to dig deeper! This has got to be the cutest little work out buddy of all time! Everything is always easier with a friend to do it with!

Watching this adorable clip we couldn’t help but wonder whether this baby really loves doing exercises or he is just intrigued by the strange body movements his dad performs when he does push-ups?! Nonetheless, we wish we had a working-out partner who would boost our motivation to the ceiling!

It can be a real struggle to get ourselves to go to the gym. We always seem to find excuses. Either the gym is too far, or the weather is too cold, we do not have our running shoes with us, and so on, the list is very long. While we sometimes lack motivation, we never lack to find excuses! This baby is here to show us that is can be done with the right guy buddy! You can exercise without even leaving your house. All we need is a little bit of motivation to keep you going.

This adorable baby in the video is helping his daddy do the push-ups by counting time and pushing his body to the ground! How adorable! Do you think this baby is actually helping his parent or making it even harder for him to exercise? Watch this clip and share your thoughts in the comments below!