5 years ago

Dog Found Chained In A Basement Wants Nothing But Cuddles

The call came in: "I just bought a house and there is a Pit Bull chained up in the basement. I'm not sure how long it's been down there." A man purchased a house in St. Louis, Missouri and when he went to check out the basement, what he found was heartbreaking on multiple levels. A female Pit Bull dog was down there, chained by the throat.

Of course, the new owner’s first reaction was to call Stray Rescue, an organization dedicated to make St. Louis a compassionate city towards animals. They were quick to respond, carrying crates, treats and leashes, because they had no idea what they will find down there.

When the rescuers opened the door leading to the basement, the dog’s reaction said it all. Boy, was she happy to see these kind people! She wagged her tail and nearly choked herself on the chain, trying to climb up and into freedom. She didn’t bark, she didn’t bite, but she sure did provide the rescuers a challenge to free her of her restraints. As soon as she felt released, she started jumping up and down, kissing and hugging those who set her free.

Later it turned out that a squatter was occupying the property, leaving tons of garbage behind and this poor soul. Nobody knew who this person was or why they decided to leave in such a hurry and leave behind this precious pup.

They named her Jumping bean, for obvious reasons. The entire freedom trip to the shelter, she literally jumped all over the rescuers, wagging her tail like there’s no tomorrow and offering her belly for scratches.

For a dog that has gone through such a traumatic experience, little Jumping Bean sure has a remarkable spirit.


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