"Blindfolded Food Tasting Challenge: "It's Not A Grape, It's A Tomato!""

Published March 28, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble "Most kids, and adults as well, would probably agree that blindfolded food tasting challenge is one of the best games ever. I don’t know why, but food and fun seem to go pretty well together. Not only is it so exciting to participate in a blindfolded food tasting challenge, but it’s so hilarious to watch someone else do it. If you are a blindfolded tasting lover, this video is just for you! This video shows two young girls with blindfold playing a popular food game. According to the rules, they must guess the food only by touching it. Okay, bring it on! Both of the girls are holding a cherry tomato each, and they are pretty confident that they are about to bite into a grape. “Oh, I know what this is! It’s a grape, it’s a grape!” How funny are they? When they taste the tomatoes, they both start screaming “It’s a tomato!” and one of the girls spits it out. Absolutely hilarious!"