Adorable Kitten Joins French Bulldog In Bed To Snuggle

Published March 28, 2018 44,858 Views $88.97 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsPeople say that cats and dogs are the worst enemies, and in most cases they really are. But not these buddies, well at least this French bulldog does not share that opinion. The cute bulldog loves his cat buddy and he always wants to sleep and cuddle with him. All ready for <a href="'t-wake-the-sleeping-pooch.html" target="_blank">sleeping</a> with his cute little cat together, they are ready for a good night sleep in the comfy bed.

Olive and Merlin are going to be the very best of friends. Watch as the two cuddle in this heartwarming clip! Well, cats are known to be a little bit mean and selfish, but this is not true for this lovable cat. She tries to get in bed with this cute dog and they can have a good night sleep! It's all about the hugs and kisses for these two!

Olive and Merlin are <a href="" target="_blank">best friends</a> ever since they’ve met and you can see how close they are! Truly amazing! Will these two will break the stereotype that dogs and cats are the worst enemies? We think they will!

Growing up with siblings is such a beautiful experience, and these two are probably as close as siblings are! They probably love to spend time together, eat together, sleep together and we guess small fights sometimes!

Amazing video that will warm your hearts and will make you believe that there is love between dogs and cats!

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