Dad Surprises Unsuspecting Daughter With Goldendoodle Puppy

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Rumble / Priceless MomentsHappiness comes in different ways and forms. Happiness can be found in everything. It is in the rain, the sun, the blizzard and for this girl it is receiving a brand new Goldendoodle puppy. Check out this young woman's reaction when she realizes she's getting a puppy instead of going zip-lining. Priceless!

The video footage shows a girl riding in the backseat of a car going bonkers when she spots a litter of Goldendoodles from the car window. The moment she says that, her father, who is recording her reaction, pulls over and starts driving towards the pups. Obviously, the girl is very confused, having been told previously that they are going zip-lining, so she keeps repeating ‘what are we doing, where are we going’.

Soon she realizes what’s going on, completely taken by surprise and caught off-guard, she bursts into tears of joy. When the car stops, she runs towards the little bundle of joy and meets her best friend. She is so overwhelmed with joy, she can barely pull herself together. Her tears of joy genuinely show how badly she wanted a pup.

Her loving father sure gave her a surprise of a lifetime. This is the precious moment when one emotional girl tries to hold back her tears when she finds out that the tiny puppy wagging is wagging its tail at her because she is her owner. Priceless!

Everyone at one point or another was faced with the age old dilemma of getting a pet. It is apparent that owning a pet is a dream come true for most kids. Observe the adorable reaction when this unsuspecting girl comes home to find the wonderful surprise!

Her tears of joys fill the viewers with joy as well and may even bring a tear to your eye. What a precious moment to witness! This video is one that should not be missed by anyone.