"Toddler Boy Scoots High Chair Across Kitchen To Steal Food"

AFVViralsPublished: March 28, 2018
Published: March 28, 2018

"You would have thought that toddlerhood is a problem free life stage, but I can't stress enough how wrong you have been! A day in the life of a toddler definitely is full of challenges and problems that need to be solved on the spot. If you have never seen a toddler in this kind of action, you absolutely have to watch this video! Get ready for some life hacks, toddler edition! As the video starts, you can see a toddler boy moving back and forth trying to scoot his high chair across the kitchen. And it’s working! Good job, little one! How cute is this little boy? But wait, is he doing it just for fun? Don’t be fooled, he was obviously aiming to steal some of that delicious food laying on top of the counter! Clever boy! Either way, I’m not judging this little food lover! He’s just too cute for words!"

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