Bill Walton Re: Sovereignty; Cultural Marxism; Climate Hoax; National Debt; & Trump ‘24

1 month ago

Bill Walton has an extensive background in multiple leadership roles as an executive, investor, and entrepreneur. He has been involved in launching, leading and financing a wide variety of organizations. This includes established businesses, start-ups, art, music, education, and theater organizations, as well as policy and political action groups and feature films. He also chairs the Resolute Protector Foundation, a 501(c)(3) media production company that creates and produces original, educational and entertainment content.

Bill Walton led the Agency Action and Landing Teams for all the Federal economic agencies for the Donald J. Trump Presidential Transition Team. He previously served as the chairman and CEO of Allied Capital Corporation, as a Managing Director of Butler Capital Corporation and as the Senior Vice President in Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb’s Merger and Acquisition Group.

Bill Walton currently hosts “The Bill Walton Show.”

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