Hyperactive Dog Has Extreme Case Of The Zoomies And It's Hilarious

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Published: March 27, 2018Updated: March 28, 2018

Does your dog have a moment when it’s so hyperactive and they can’t stop running around the house? Well, almost all dogs have those kinds of moments! Those moments are called zoomies! They are typically a sudden explosion of activity in an otherwise good and trainable dog. When we say a sudden explosion that is exactly what we mean. If you’ve ever had a dog with the zoomies you are shuddering right now and feel that there is no hope.

Some people find the zoomies funny or cute. In many cases, they do not get out of control. I don’t suggest allowing them because you have no control when the dog will zoom. Eventually, your puppy will be bigger and you will find your home in a shambles. You will have to arrange your schedule around the dog’s outburst of energy.

This is one hyperactive puppy that has a moment of zoomies! The load of the high energy antics this playful pup displays. Epic! He can’t stay still for one second! We wish we had that kind of energy working in the office and multitasking!

Unless your dog is an inveterate couch potato, dogs are kinetic creatures by their nature. They need to move and despite all manner of restrictions on their mobility. Enjoy this silly doggy and his energy. Check out those zoomies all across the living room! So adorable!

Credit to @ataleof2pitties

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