Faith & Freedom: Harrison Floyd, Matt Landman, Jenna Hays, & Patricia Silva

1 month ago

Former Director of Black Voices for Trump Harrison Floyd joins the show to dissect the 2020 election's controversies and his initiative to support activists through the Statesman Project, while the founder of Spero Gear Matt Landman returns and discusses the ongoing battle against geoengineering and EMF radiation and the success of activists’ persistence in fighting for truth. Headmaster of Mountain Academy Jenna Hayes returns with updates and insights into Mountain Academy's unique education model, and lastly, Planet Fitness whistleblower Patricia Silva sheds light on the implications of HR 5 and the need to fight for women's rights.

[1:44] Shemane welcomes Former Director of Black Voices for Trump Harrison Floyd to discuss the 2020 election and lies, stating that he is ready to push forward and expose the truth; the Statesman Project, a new initiative aimed at raising $10 million to support grassroots activists and everyday people experiencing legal harassment; the importance of education, litigation, and activism in fighting back against corrupt individuals and institutions
[12:55] Owner of SperoGear Matt Landman returns to discuss the ongoing efforts to expose the truth about geoengineering and chemtrails, using Faraday bags and silver clothing to protect from EMF radiation; the importance of exposing the truth about these issues; research and development of weather modification tools; the importance of limiting EMF radiation exposure, especially during sleep, and resources for learning more; the success of activists’ persistence in fighting against chemtrails and geoengineering
[25:35] Jenna Hayes returns to discuss what prompted her to start Mountain Academy; admiration for the school's volunteer-run model and the sacrifices made by the founding moms; acknowledging the challenges of balancing work and volunteerism; the need to draw boundaries to protect the school's values; the importance of leadership development and character formation in their alternative education program; how churches have a unique opportunity to respond to the need for safe and beautiful education opportunities for children
[37:16] Patricia Silva joins to discuss the implementation of HR 5 (Equality Act) and President Biden's support for LGBTQ+ rights as the root of the problem; the push for gender-neutral bathrooms and the impact on women's rights; the importance of the masses making their voices heard; Planet Fitness failure to address perpetrators in women's bathrooms, despite cancelling their membership

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