Cat Lays Smackdown On Dog

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Published: March 27, 2018

Cats and dogs: the oldest rivalry in recorded time. Rarely friends and often enemies, they usually reach an equilibrium of sorts; coexisting peacefully for the most part, but not without dust-ups that occur with varying degrees of frequency. It’s the thin, fuzzy line that separates peace and total chaos between our pets, and some walk it better than others. Every now and then, one of our furry friends finds the need to let off a little steam.

A doggie won’t stop barking at his cat brother. The cat has had it up to here.

It starts out like any argument, with a few words and glares exchanged. I suspect the inciting incident here happened just before the camera started rolling, because there’s a palpable tension in the air right when we begin. A yip, followed by a look from the dog is met with a meow from the kitty. One thing’s for sure: it is ON.

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