Epic Piñata Fail Ends with Backyard Fire

Published March 27, 2018 22,799 Plays

Rumble There is no doubt that pinatas filled with candy make kids go wild but it is also fun for the adults. For instance, take a look at this man who has an epic pinata fail that ends with a backyard fire.

It looks like this family is having a huge party for whatever reason; they have a huge tent set up in the background, the grill fired up and a pinata hanging from the tree. First up to take a swing at the pinata is a man who looks like he could play for the New York Yankees. The man takes one swing and the pinata detaches from the rope, goes flying, and lands right on top of the grill. The whole pinata starts on fire and the family rushes to put it out.

YUP! That is what you would call an epic piñata fail.