Men Try To Destroy Silo, It Refuses To Fall

AFV Published March 27, 2018 524 Plays

Rumble Agricultural silos have long been an iconic part of the American farmland. Many of us have driven through farm country and seen barn with several or one silo next door.

The men in this video thought they were destroying a silo…

You may be wondering why the farmers in this video are even bothering to tear down the silo. From our light research there are multiple reasons. Some stems from erosion and wear and tear from years of use. It turns out it is more cost-effective to destroy and rebuild than to renovate a silo. The other big reason that we read about concern the changing landscape of farming. In the last decade or so other forms of grain and silage storage have become more popular. These include more variable grain bins, grain bags, and bunkers. More and more farmers are coming around to those options offering better and more adaptable storage options. We are sure you’ll still see silos on farms for years to come but you’ll probably see other, varied storage structures as well.