Big Dog Tries To Play With Little Dog Who Just Wants To Eat In Peace

Published March 27, 2018 14 Views

Rumble Dogs like little kids sometimes misread or do not understand when their attention is unwanted or needs to be toned down.

This poor Chihuahua just wants to enjoy his meal in silence…

So, looking at this video we understand that people might see this as resource guarding by the Chihuahua. At first, it does look that way. The little dog is bark and snapping at the German Shepherd while trying to eat. Meanwhile, he ignores the little white dog that also eats from the bowl. There are many ways for owners to train their dogs to not display food aggression. Some of it is consistency, some of it is asserting alpha status, and other tips include reinforcing obedience training. Part of the problem in this instance is that many people, and this includes dog people who know better, treat little dogs far differently than they do big dogs. So, the little dog is allowed to be more aggressive because people see it as “cute” rather than a problem.

But the German Shepherd has other ideas and the little dog does NOT appreciate them!

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