This Husky Isn't In The Mood For Playing Games

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Published: March 27, 2018Updated: March 28, 2018

There are some days when you just can’t even. You wake up on a bad foot and everything is making you want to just go back and curl up in your bed. The blanket is so inviting and the warmth it promises your sleep-deprived body is enough to make you want to change your mind. But you are a grown person, and unfortunately grown people have other obligations, too. Work awaits, family awaits even breakfast awaits, but that bed is just so comfortable.

It is safe to say that on those kinds of days you don’t want anyone crossing your path, or else hell would break loose. Apparently this smaller dog didn’t get the memo because he is very close to being told off by this very tired husky. The tiny doggo just wants to play, but it is to no avail. The husky tries to subtly tell the little pupper to go away, but the white furrball isn’t getting it right. They squabble for a bit, the husky is being very vocal about his unwillingness to participate and the tiny pupper at last leaves the grumpy husky alone. He is seen dejectedly leaving the fighting scene and trying to find other willing participants in his little game.

Poor little doggo, he didn’t deserve to be told off, but we guess that’s just life. No one expects us to be happy all the time, to play all the time and to want to communicate with others. It’s time everyone learned that we are going to laugh and be happy only when we want to. It’s okay to be grumpy and it’s okay to only want to sleep. It would be better for us to listen to the signals our body is sending us and actually rest for a bit. You’ll just see how much better we feel later on, and how much more pleasant we are going to become.

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