Calling Lab Leak Early with the Washington Post's Josh Rogin (convo)

1 month ago

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Roughly two years ago, Josh Rogin, a China columnist for the Washington Post, went on Joe Rogan's podcast and laid out a possible epic irony at the heart of America's pandemic response: Anthony Fauci, our loving COVID savior, had long been the federal government's foremost champion of gain-of-function research, and gain-of-function research could be what birthed COVID in the first place. Back then, Rogin was widely pilloried for pushing a MAGA conspiracy theory. Today, with lab leak looking increasingly likely as the origin story of the pandemic and Fauci steadily obfuscating his role in the work of the Wuhan lab, Rogin looks epicly vindicated. We had him on to swag out:


1:12 dropping bombs on rogan
3:49 anthony fauci is still not coming clean on gain of function research
5:17 encouraging josh to brag more about being right about everything
7:49 peter daszak and the ecohealth alliance
9:26 aftermath of joe rogan

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