100 Percent Cancer Remission of Patients in Monoclonal Antibody Trial | Facts Matter

2 months ago

From the great Epoch Times:
According to the results of a recent study, researchers have found a treatment that completely removed the rectal cancer in every patient that participated. Meaning that every single patient in the study is in remission—and with no chemotherapy, no radiation, and no surgery.
Even though the study was small, the results are not only heartening, but also, according to the lead researcher, they open up a potential new corridor at fighting cancer, which they will be expanding quickly to stomach, pancreatic, and bladder cancer.
Furthermore, the therapy that they’re testing (monoclonal antibodies) has none of the toxic side-effects of the other treatments for cancer that are currently used at scale.
And so, with all these positive elements lining up, let’s go through this study together.
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