"Funny Hamsters Fight Over Carrot"

Published March 27, 2018 2 Plays

Rumble "If you have ever owned a hamster you must know that these cute rodents are the ultimate food hoarders. They fill their cheeks with all the food they can’t eat and keep it there for further meals. When completely full, hamster’s cheeks can double or even triple the actual size of its head! How funny is that? For whatever reason, they fear not having food to eat, and this hilarious video proves that fact! If you have never seen hamsters fighting over food, you have to watch this video right now! As the clip begins, we can see three hamsters in a cage. The smallest hamster is standing up on his hind legs in order to make itself taller. Why would it do that? This little hamster is holding a carrot in its mouth, obviously not even thinking about sharing it! It’s lifting the carrot as high as it can so that the other two hungry hamsters can’t get it! Absolutely hilarious!"