"Baby Girl Removes Bar From Her Crib And Escapes"

AFVViralsPublished: March 27, 2018
Published: March 27, 2018

"There’s no such thing as mission impossible for a baby or a toddler. If a parent says that they are not allowed to do something, their only answer is “Watch me!”. If you asked parents about their biggest fears regarding their babies' mischiefs, most of them would probably say - the crib escaping. Kids can get pretty creative when they set their minds to figuring out how to escape a bed with barred sides. This little girl has just woken up from her nap, and naturally, she wants to get out of the bed. Unfortunately, nobody is around to help her get out of the crib. No worries, she’ll figure her way out. This cute baby girl pulls one of the bars from the crib fence and removes it. Wow! We certainly were not expecting that to happen. Unbelievable! This baby girl has got some skills! Once she’s removed the bar she considers playing with it for awhile, but eventually, she decides to get out of the crib and take the bar with her. Best of both worlds!"

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