"Baby Boy Leans To Kiss His Little Sister But Spits Instead"

AFVVirals Published March 27, 2018 357 Plays

Rumble "We can all agree that babies are absolutely adorable no matter what they do. However, even these precious little creatures can sometimes do certain things that gross the parents out. In their defense, they are still humans after all! If you don’t believe that a baby’s action can be a little disgusting, you just have to watch this funny video! As the video starts, we can see a mom and a dad with their twin babies. The beautiful baby girl is laying down on her mom’s chest, while the dad is holding up their adorable baby boy. Aww, so cute! You would have thought that this is the most picture perfect family moment, but just wait for it. The twins dad decides to bring the little boy closer to his twin sister so they can kiss. Too cute to handle! As the baby boy leans in to kiss his sister, something unexpected happens. Instead of kissing her, he spits up on the little girl’s head! So gross! But still, absolutely hilarious!"