Dispatches from the Republic: New Whistleblower Pie Sub-Series

3 months ago

Whistleblower Pie: Serving Justice One Show at a Time!

Join Faith B and Billie P this spring for an exhilarating season of Whistleblower Pie, proudly presented by Spring Podcast Productions. Starting April 1, dive into our groundbreaking Production Platform and Spring Line-up, featuring the fearless voices of patriots across America.

Bid farewell to political correctness and welcome hard-hitting discussions on real experiences, current events, constitutional debates, and actionable insights aimed at reclaiming the essence of our Republic.

This Season’s Highlights Include:

Renee Wyler (Lady Hawk) - Let’s Talk: From groundbreaking revelations in the Wyler Mers Audit Report to spearheading initiatives for landowners' rights and voting integrity, Renee is on a mission across America. Catch her insights on YouTube at /@gangsterbanksters.

Linda Nash - Nashing the Dirty Deeds: Discover how Linda, the driving force behind Homeowners Legal Rights, is setting the stage for a monumental cleanup of America's land records offices, transforming them from 'crime scenes' to bastions of transparency and justice.

The Cowboy and The Lady: Thom and Rene' tackle the usurpers of our nation’s prosperity with their dynamic banter, unwavering spirit, and a shared resolve to challenge those who threaten our freedoms. Follow their journey on Facebook at /thomrene2016.

We are going to raise the heat, put that pie in that oven and roast it good! And for those who wish to understand the internal banking code IP we disclosed, understand we are just "lightening the load" .

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