Atlanta Braves vs Chicago Whitesox | Live Play by Play/Watch Party | MLB 2024 Game 3

20 days ago

Get ready for non-stop baseball action Braves Country as the Atlanta Braves lead by Ronald Acuna Jr and Austin Riley face off against the Chicago Whitesox. Join us for our exclusive Atlanta Braves Live Watch Party where you'll enjoy the game like never before with our unique southern Play by Play commentary. Will Ronald Acuna Jr lead the Braves to a win? I can't wait to find out and we hope you join us on this journey for a possible championship season!

Our team of experts will bring a fresh perspective to the game, adding humor and local flavor to the play-by-play. Whether you're a die-hard resident of Braves Country or just love a good baseball game, this is the perfect way to experience the excitement of the baseball diamond from the comfort of your own home.

So, TURN DOWN the volume on your TV and TURN UP the volume on 'THE DIXON WAY", and get ready for a night of southern-style baseball madness! The Atlanta Braves vs Chicago Whitesox Live Watch Party stream starts at 2:10 PM EST. Don't miss it!"

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