😲 😱 DISTURBING Comments from RFK Jr. Resurface!

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(2:00) April Phool Pharma
April Fool's joke about government doing the right thing about the mRNA injections backfires
If only the vaccine latest approval by USDA were a joke
Official figures show well over ONE MILLION EXCESS deaths for 65 and over — will the jabs solve Social Security insolvency?
Even media is talking about explosion in cancer
AI Surveillance to predict "vaccine hesitancy" — as if it is a psychological problem, not an integrity problem of BigPharma
(24:36) Biden becomes an even bigger April Fool (or tool) and atheist Richard Dawkins is a "Cultural Christian"
Tranny in Portland celebrates Trans Visibility Day by burning down a 175 year old church building
Biden claims he didn't issue a trans-day proclamation
Lala celebrated Ceasar Chavez Day instead of Easter
"The Crucifixion of Donald Trump" — not to be outdone by the left's neo-religion, Washington Times worshipped Trump on Easter, comparing him to Christ in every way
MSNBC can't believe conservatives would take exception to trans-worship on Easter
Richard Dawkins declares he's a "Cultural Christian". He wants the blessings of Christ and Christians without having either around
JK Rowling boldly attacks the new Scottish hate speech law, criminalizing criticism of trannies
(1:00:44) Borders and Squatters (foreign and domestic) Foreign squatters who broke through razor wire and TX National Guard, released by judge. This is what the system is DESIGNED to do WATCH how one person deals with domestic squatters — hint: possession of property & firearm libertarian blindspots of open borders and "corporate" censorship Canada's highest growth rate since 1957 — all squatters Michigan wants to rent homes for squatters
(1:24:49) Listener emails and comments

(1:37:43) RFK Jr's comments resurface from 2011 about a $250 BILLION SmartGrid to control ALL your electrical usage

(1:48:48) Hawaii is the perfect lab to look at the practicality and affordability of "renewable energy generation". What they did, shutting down coal and replacing with solar, wind, and massive battery energy storage is being planned by even conservative states like Tennessee and South Carolina. Here's how BADLY it failed

(1:54:10) Eco-Gremlin Politicians in US & UK - destroying transportation and wealth
Wind Turbine construction in Virginia Beach already destroying lives before they begin operation
Scotland can't use the wind power they have now and are paying owners to idle them, but the idiotic government is STILL subsidizing MORE of what they can't use
Anti-car politicians are ripping up private transportation in the UK, generating massive fines, blocking roads, destroying towns
(2:04:29) INTERVIEW Epic Tech Failures — We Hope Goattree joins — tools of technocratic slavery that have some major issues to solve for our wannabe masters
BigBrother robot personalized guards
"internet of brains and bodies"
AI "inbreeding"
Neuralink's first human guinea pig
"self-driving cars"
the EV push
grid deconstruction

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