Florida gator lunges at drone!

Published March 26, 2018

Rumble While out flying his drone in the beautiful Florida sunshine, a videographer spotted 2 alligators sunbathing on a small island in central Florida. Going in for a closer look yielded a great closeup view of the alligators that most people don't get a chance to do safely in the wild.
Zooming in on the biggest alligator first, the drone pans slowly to the second alligator who is taking in the warm sunshine on a slightly elevated island from the first. Both seem unconcerned that the other is there.
As the drone pauses and takes in this amazing animal, the alligator suddenly lunges at the drone but misses and dives into the murky water. A close call for the drone operator that left him shaking in the excitement! Never underestimate the speed of alligators, both in the water and on land. They are exceptionally fast animals, able to outrun a human and did you know they are quite adapt at climbing?!
The American Alligator, or Gator, as they are more commonly known, is crocodilian reptile that is found in the southeastern United States. Adult male American alligators measure 11 to 15 ft in length, and can weigh up to 453 kg (1,000 lb). Females are smaller, measuring around 9.8 ft in length.
American alligators are apex predators and consume fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Hatchlings feed mostly on invertebrates. They play an important role as ecosystem engineers in wetland ecosystems through the creation of alligator holes, which provide both wet and dry habitats for other organisms.
Throughout the year, but particularly during the breeding season, American alligators bellow to declare territory and locate suitable mates. Male American alligators use infrasound to attract females. Eggs are laid in a nest of vegetation, sticks, leaves, and mud in a sheltered spot in or near the water. Young are born with yellow bands around their bodies and are protected by their mother for up to one year.
Alligator courtship begins in late March into early April with breeding occurring in May and June. From the look of the alligators in this video, we very well may have caught a male and female showing some interest in each other as the courtship season begins.


  • EmotionsofAfrica, 1 year ago

    Wow, awesome footage !

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    • Spitfire, 1 year ago

      Thanks! I had a lot of fun filming it with my new drone.

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  • Kidsmagic, 1 year ago

    Lovely clear image of nature in action.

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  • JeremyandLuigi, 1 year ago

    Amazing footage! Thank you for sharing! :)

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  • zamzaga, 1 year ago

    great nature, this gators look like they are coming from Jurassic park 😊

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  • DavidMcNab, 1 year ago

    I'd love to get a look at gators like this.

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    • Spitfire, 1 year ago

      A set of hip waiters and a chicken would get ya' nice and close David.

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  • cdngreenwaterdiver, 1 year ago

    Awesome. Hope you have DJI REFRESH ;-) Great footage.

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    • Spitfire, 1 year ago

      Lol. I was shaking so bad after it lunged, I had a hard time flying it back to me!

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  • Ghostriderto, 1 year ago

    He accelerates like a Lamborghini.

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  • BigSexysPlayground, 1 year ago

    Smiling one minute, lunging the next. Awesome.

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