Snorkeler Comes Across Stingray Feasting On A Kingfish

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Published: March 26, 2018Updated: March 29, 2018

This is the unexpected moment when a snorkeler happens to come across a stingray devouring a fish. Check it out as this hungry stingray chomps away on a kingfish while snorkeling in Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras. Yum!

As far as thee deep blue goes, for those of us who happen to live close to the shore or even visit over the summer, we've been told to always keep an eye out for all the dangers that the big blue has to offer. Not to go fire off into the ocean due to deep waters and all mystery that might hide within. Especially stay away from any big fish and never, ever, do you go in the water if you see something that has a huge fin on its back.

For some of us however, it is the urge to get close up and personal with the threat in the hope to achieve great rush and adrenaline and feel more alive. These people are usually the ones that you see on TV possibly under the accident part of the show or even sometimes under the hero's list. There is really no telling what is going to happen once you actually get this close to such a powerful being such as a stingray.

<a href="" target="_blank">Stingrays</a> are mesmerizing to watch as they glide effortlessly across the sand or reef. They have long been feared due to their sharp and venomous tail barbs and their reputation as vicious predators. They are rarely dangerous to divers or swimmers unless they are stepped on and act defensively. Rays are highly intelligent creatures and are usually shy and reclusive, choosing to avoid people. They are a favorite food of sharks and their tail barb has evolved as a means of <a href="" target="_blank">protection from predators</a>.

Stingrays are usually very docile and curious, their usual reaction being to flee any disturbance, but they sometimes brush their fins past any new object they encounter. Nevertheless, certain larger species may be more aggressive and should be approached with caution, as the stingray's defensive reflex, the use of its poisoned stinger, may result in serious injury or death.

Stingrays are not normally visible to swimmers, but divers and snorkelers may find them in shallow, sandy waters, more so when the water is warm. Take a look as this snorkeler gets close enough to witness the daunting moment when a hungry stingray feasts on a kingfish! Not so glorious when they devour fresh meat, are they?!l

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