Dobbs To Conway — Trump Elected Because He Wasn't Guy Who Said Just Wait, Supporters Want A Wall!

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Published: March 26, 2018

Conway responded by crapping on Congress and highlighting its poor approval ratings before noting that Trump’s ratings are on the rise and his agenda is really taking hold, especially when it comes to tax cuts.

“Don’t push that too far,” Dobbs shot back. “What he promised was a wall.”

With Conway agreeing with Dobbs that he “better get it,” the Fox Business host stated that Trump has been in office for 15 months and he wasn’t elected because he was the guys that say “just wait.” The White House aide exclaimed that if Trump could do it by himself he would, causing Dobbs to say that it “turns the stomach of a lot of folks in his base” when he Republicans don’t seem to want to work with the president.

Conway concluded by saying that Trump is frustrated and he wants the wall as a centerpiece of his campaign, adding that “he is protecting the country.”

“You are talking to choir here, the audience of this broadcast, that is why they want that damn wall, Kellyanne,” Dobbs said in response.

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