Prank with President of International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach

1 month ago

This time, on behalf of the "African politician", we spoke with the President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach

Like the head of WADA, Bach began asking our "politician" to help prevent African countries from sending their athletes to the Friendship Games in Russia:

"If you, with your authority, could do something about African States, we would be very, very grateful for that."

The head of the IOC also makes no secret that sports sanctions are political by nature:

"We punish those responsible for the annexation, there can be no anthem of Russia, you can't raise the flag. The Russian Olympic Committee, after we suspended them, made some rather aggressive statements that it was discrimination, fascism."

President Bach said that he weeds out Russian athletes with the help of Internet surveillance, and Ukrainians, among others, help him in this:

"We have a special supervisory commission. And they monitor the Internet, the media, and public statements. We also offered the Ukrainian side and not only offered, but also asked them to provide us with their information about the behavior of such athletes or officials."

Thomas Bach hinted that athletes who went to the Friendship Games may be persecuted by the IOC:

"But in this context, they (countries) should realize that by taking part in the Friendship Games, they are taking sides."

And then he even boasted about the "dirty deeds" of politicizing sports:

"Last year, before the last BRICS Games in South Africa, we made sure that they had no resonance in the world of sports."

It seems that the only Russian whom Bach is seriously afraid of is the head of the International Boxing Association, Umar Kremlev, who was stripped of recognition by the IOC in 2023.

"He's a corrupt guy. That's why we had to exclude this international federation."

All the details of the sports and political conspiracy against Russia, as well as Bach's attitude to the issue of transgender athletes and his position on the Kamila Valieva case, are in our new prank!

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