Man Shrieks At Gorilla Mask Office Prank

AFVPublished: March 26, 2018
Published: March 26, 2018

Office life can become pretty, pretty, pretty mundane (except for here at AFV, of course). Each day blends into the last, brains turn to mush, and the week becomes a hodgepodge of dullness, unless on Thursday you get a pick me up remembering you’re finally over the hump. Point is, every loyal office soldier needs something, anything, to break up the monotony. As you might imagine, it helps to get creative.

A woman wears a gorilla suit and hides behind a wall, waiting for the perfect moment…

Here at AFV, our favorite brand of prank victim is the unsuspecting one. Now, we realize the basis of pranks generally is that the person being pranked doesn’t know it’s a prank, but we’re talking about a complete, out of nowhere surprise. And boy, does this one deliver!

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