An 11-Year-Old Boy Sings His Heart Out In Walmart

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Published: March 26, 2018

You haven’t been zoomed back in time. You have just seen Mason Ramsey, the golden boy country voice doing one of his many public performances, this time in the Hinkleville Road Walmart in Paducah. He is only 11 years of age and is living with his grandparents in Harrisburg, Illinois, but boy are we glad that he did let us hear that golden voice!

This video of him yodeling a Hank Williams Sr.’s “Hey Good Lookin’” is going viral globally! It was taken totally on the spur of the moment and has reached more than two million views. This little man has sure got skills! They used to call him "Little Hank" in his hometown, and thanks to this video, the 11-year-old "Walmart Boy" Mason Ramsey has earned the new moniker. The kid wonder is earning more fans every day which are seeming to be freaking out over the kid, but he might have Grandma and Grandpa to thank for it! Obviously, Mason’s love of Hank Williams comes from their old record collections, and it is often that those same grandparents drive him around stores and radio stations for his performances.

The new Internet celebrity yodeling cowboy didn't just turn up out of nowhere! This very video is proof enough that Mason has been entertaining audiences for as long as he could hold a guitar. Legend says he starting playing at age six, inspired by his grandfather playing Hank Williams in the garage. Also, if you have missed, Ramsey was the 2016 winner of the Kentucky Opry Talent Search, Beginner Division. He sure looks like a new star in the sky!

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