"Cuteness Overload: Toddler Love Story"

AFVVirals Published March 26, 2018 1,925 Plays

Rumble "Oh, love, sweet love, it’s the most beautiful feeling in the world. Love knows no age limits - we all know that you can never be too old to find true love. Apparently, you can never be too young as well! If you don’t believe us, this video is here just for you! Prepare for the cutest love story you have ever heard! In the beginning, we can see a toddler boy approaching a toddler girl. All of a sudden, he kisses her and starts giggling and dancing excitedly. Aww, they are just too cute for words! You just have to see the totally confused look on the little girl’s face. So precious! Unfortunately, this perfect little love story is about to end. They are about to fall out of love quite literally! The little boy pushes the little girl and she falls on her butt. Trouble in paradise! The toddler girl still doesn’t seem like she understands what it’s going on, but here comes her older sister to comfort her. Cuteness overload!"