"25 Cutest Pet Families | Puppies, Kittens & More!"

AFVPublished: March 26, 2018
Published: March 26, 2018

"A family might be the most important thing in our lives. Even if you consider people outside of your immediate family as family, there is no denying that the people we love the most and are closest to make the most difference in our happiness and wellbeing. Our animal and pet buddies need that kind of love to and that’s why we at That Pet Life present our newest compilation today, “Adorable Pet Families.” Give us a healthy viewing and be sure to SHARE this video with your friends and family, human and pets alike!nnWho is your favorite pet family in today’s video? Is it the little boy getting “attacked” by the golden puppies at 6:08? Or the group of ducklings at 7:48? How about all the racing piglets at 8:55?"

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