"Wasabi Eating Fails | Funny Fails Compilation"

AFV Published March 26, 2018 7 Plays

Rumble "Japanese food is delicious, isn’t it? All those spices and sauces, and of course, SUSHI! It takes a certain kind of pallet to appreciate raw fish but the moment we can adjust to it, it changes our lives for the better. Sushi’s favorite condiment is of course the spiciest of those spices, WASABI! Just be careful not eat too much at once or you just MIGHT BURN YOUR MOUTH or even worse, END UP IN OUR NEWEST COMPILATION called WASABI EATING FAILS! Give it a viewing and be sure to SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS!nnWho is your favorite Wasabi Eater today? Is it the girl at 1:52 CRYING AND LAUGHING at the same time? Or how about the boy at 2:21 ON THE VERGE OF TEARS?"