Snowball Fight Between NYPD Officers And Kids

Published March 26, 2018 16 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesKids simply love snow. Making snowballs and having snowball fights are one of the best winter games. Even adults love to play in the snow. Take a look at this adorable video where three NYPD officers were attacked with snowballs. The kids were simply having fun and lucky for them, the police officers joined their play.

Police officers from Brooklyn, New York are being praised all over the world after a video that appeared on the Internet. The video shows the three officers playing with children in the snow. The video posted to Twitter by the Brooklyn North Police department went viral for a very short time.

Detective Kaz Daughtry, officer John Dorrejo and officer Richard Russo were patrolling the East New York area when they spotted a group of kids trying to have a snowball fight. They were wearing rubber surgical gloves and socks on their hands to help them make snowballs. The three officers decided to take a break from their patrol and joined the fun, challenging them to a snowball fight

Even though the kids outnumbered the police officers and literally won the fight, the three policemen couldn’t help but notice that they didn’t have the right equipment for snow. When the fight finished, they went to the nearest store and bought them new gloves. ‘The kids were happy’ said Russo. He also explained that it was a part of NYPD plan to encourage children to have a positive relationship with police officers. They definitely achieved that!

Watch this amazing snow fight, policemen vs. kids and see how it all ends! So inspiring!


  • DavidMcNab, 2 years ago

    Back to work, slackers! Great cops. Well done!

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  • debdeb, 2 years ago

    With all of the bad press that cops get, this is great to see. Way to go Officers!!

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