"A Dog Sees Himself in The Mirror and Growls at His Reflection"

Published March 26, 2018 6 Views

Rumble "It seems that dogs never fail to surprise us with their silly ideas and unexpected behavior! Just check out this video, and you will see what we mean. It shows a beautiful, cheerful pup who sees himself in the mirror and gets surprised by the fact there’s another dog in the room, so he starts to growl at it without realizing it’s just his reflection! LOL! First, he comes close to it and tries to sniff it, but it seems that the other dog is doing the same, just the opposite way. Then, he sits and observes what the other dog will do, but apparently, nothing is happening! So, he decides to come closer again for another sniff, and then goes back and starts to growl and bark. Whatever he does, this other dog will do the same. What a confusing situation! We bet he can’t help but wonder since when the other dogs are behaving like that?"