"Toddler Girl Gets Silly Putty Stuck In Her Hair"

Published March 26, 2018 4 Plays

Rumble "We can all agree that the silly putty is one of those toys that never go out of style. Kids just love playing with it and finding new silly ways to use that pile of colorful glue. Sometimes, when finding a new way to play with silly putty, kids go a bit too far. Let’s take the little girl from this video as an example! As the video starts, we can see an adorable little girl whose name s Harper. She’s got some green silly putty stuck in her hair. We can tell that she’s not happy with her new hairstyle, but what’s done is done. What’cha gonna do? The little girl is having a conversation with her mom. The mom asks “Why did you put silly putty in your hair?”, and the adorable Harper replies “Because I wanted to be so funny!” How precious is she! Well, this little girl definitely has achieved her goal! She’s too funny for words!"