"A Tiny Kitten Fights Over A Bottle"

AFVVirals Published March 26, 2018 158 Plays

Rumble "It is well-known that at the certain age children can go through the so-called possessive phase when they hate to share their things, but it seems like some pet animals can experience it too! Check out this video and get ready to meet the most adorable kitten cat who hate when someone is touching both her and her bottle while she’s eating. LOL! This video shows a woman’s hand that holds this cute little kitten and feeds her some milk from a bottle, while a man is trying to entertain her by touching her tiny paws wrapped around the bottle. But as soon as she feels the touch this funny kitten swats at his fingers, defending her bottle. LOL! It’s almost like she’s trying to say to him to keep his fingers off her bottle or the things will only get worst! Isn’t this one of tiniest cats with the great fighting spirit you’ve seen in a while?"