5 years ago

This Big Dog Is All The Entertainment A Little Girl Needs

Every child needs a friend, but a dog can be the bestest friend! Especially if they grow up together, the bond between a kid and its dog can be as deep and unique as siblings’. That dog can teach a kid the most fundamental principles of life, such as unconditional love, sharing and fair play. But the most important thing that a dog can provide to a kid is endless hours of entertainment.

For example, this Rhodesian Ridgeback dog is all the entertainment the little girl needs. Both standing in front of the glass door, she points to something outside and the dog barks, sending the girl into a contagious giggle frenzy.

As if the dog realizes that she is loving his reaction, he lets out a low growl and stomps his front paws on the floor, like he is inviting the toddler to play. She giggles further, like she is teasing him into play, knowing she can’t really get up on her own feet yet, so she bangs tiny hands on the glass pane. This is how they both communicate, nonverbally, but they still understand each other’s needs and it is just the assurance we need in our faith in friendship.

But really, what other reason would one need for dogs being kids’ best friends? There are clips which show some of the hilarious shenanigans that pets can get into with their tiny humans. Chewing a toilet roll together? No problem. Licking spilled milk off the floor? Right away. Sharing a crate? Anytime!

They are the best partners in crime!

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