This Elderly Dog Sure Knows How To Relax At The Pool

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Published: March 26, 2018

Although she still persists, we know for a fact that the winter season is finally behind us and we all know what that means - POOL TIME! We will soon for to uncover our backyard swimming pool (or inflate them), fill them up with water and get the occasional cool off in it.

Come June and July, the temperature will peak just enough for us to don our bathing suits, gets those floaties out and have some fun in the sun. Do you know who else likes to have some fun in the sun? Dogs do!

That’s right and we have just the proof. This elderly dog took great advantage of the backyard pool at her owner’s house with all the amenities the venue had to offer. She’s a little old lady, you see, so all she can really do in the pool is lounge around on a floatie, soak up the warmth of the sun from above and the soothing massage of the water below.

This dog knows hot to enjoy the sun. She is obviously loving it too. So chill!

Swimming is actually a great activity for dogs of all ages, but is particularly good for older dogs. It is low-impact ‘sport’ and easy on their weakening joints and muscles. Swimming also helps build up strength, is good for their overall conditioning, and is naturally relaxing and comforting to most dogs. So don’t restrain old yeller when he wants to take a dip. Let ‘em have it!

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