East End businesses recovering after Ohio River flood

WCPOPublished: March 25, 2018Updated: March 26, 2018
Published: March 25, 2018Updated: March 26, 2018

One month ago, employees had to use a canoe to get to the Hitching Post Restaurant after the Ohio River flooded the East End. Now the Hitching Post is back in business. But some local businesses are still closed. The Hitching Post was closed for two weeks during the flood and the cleanup. Water rose about 3 ½ feet inside, and it came up fast, they said. They were inside at 1:30 and four hours later they were driving through 14 inches of water. Most everything was saved, however. All of the equipment and the booths were taken out before the flood hit. Some things still needed to be replaced, said owner Judy Beck, standing in the dining room.

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