Crazy highway lane changing caught on dashcam

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Published: March 25, 2018Updated: March 28, 2018

No question that this is reckless driving! Everyone makes mistakes driving and I am sure everyone has had their own fair share of close calls and accidents. Perhaps even the occasional roll through stop sign or misjudged yellow light. Nobody's perfect. But like I already stated, this is reckless.
Driver was heading down a busy two lane highway that had visibility obscured by the sunrise sun glare. All of a sudden a car speeds by and cuts in. This vehicle with obvious reckless driving skills and with his high speed lane changing is an accident waiting to happen. You can even hear the rev of his engine as he passes and makes those aggressive lane changes as he proceeds heading down the road. Where's the emergency? Is he late for work? I am sure he is scaring the other motorist and at the very least annoying all of them in the process. This is blatant reckless driving showing no concern for anyone on the road. This is driving behavior at its worst. To make it even more dangerous, there is quite a lot of traffic on this highway. Had there been an accident, it could have been really bad. I am sure the crazy driver would have either taking off or would have been just as aggressive confronting whoever he hit.
Having this kind of dashcam footage would avoid any questions of fault and act as a reliable witness in a court of law. This is why it is important to have a dashcam in the vehicle at all times. I predict this will be standard equipment in the future in the same way that airbags have become. They are not expensive and range in price from maybe $25 for a cheap low resolution to hundreds for really good HD video and features. Not too bad right? Drive safe friends. Watch out for kids and motorcycles!

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    Kidsmagic · 37 weeks ago

    All to gain a few seconds, if they're lucky.

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    JeremyandLuigi · 36 weeks ago

    I think we all witnessed first handed situations like these and it is really horrible to risk everyone's lives in such a manner. Luckily everything went ok this time. Thank you for sharing!