Cop tailgates but it is not what you think.

Dashcam Published March 25, 2018 60 Plays $0.23 earned

Rumble Bad cops on the news. It sells. It gets ratings. People always want to hear the juicy stories about what cop did what and to whom. That seems to be the only stories we hear. In this day and age of bad press for the police, it is always great to see something positive when it comes to our men and women of law enforcement.
Know however that in any population there are always going to bad apples. Pick any industry, profession, anything. Even doctors, lawyers, machinist, clergy, teachers and politicians. There is no group immune from bad behavior and no one is an angel. You will always find something wrong. But today was a good day. As this driver was headed down a busy highway, traffic seems to be building up ahead. Is it construction? Perhaps an accident caused by some inattentive motorist? Maybe a broken down car that is being assisted by AAA. Everyone knows that it only take one to slow down or stop traffic. And when this happens, then there is the occasional rubbernecker to further exasperate the issue too. The motorist here makes his way further down the highway, changing lanes as needed. So as the driver gets closer he can see police lights. What could it be? Sometimes police will escort construction vehicles or wide load vehicles so perhaps that was it. Sometimes cars are purposely slowed down for some other needed purpose.
As the driver approaches, it is seen that there are two state police cars. One of the cars appears to be tailgating. Better than that he is actually right up on the bumper. Touching. He is not only touching but is pushing! Incredible. Usually if there is a vehicle in distress, roadside assistance would be called. I am sure the officer has a list of tow trucks on standby for incidents such as this. He seems to want to take care of it himself. To offer immediate assistance like this is awesome. I wonder however what the urgency was that would cause this. Someone in labor? The world may never know.