Timing Chain Tensioner for a common oil leak

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This is the article I wrote about how I believed it was a leak from my head gasket. I was really getting mislead by those pulleys moving the oil to a new location! Plus, I wasn't thinking of the anatomy of the engine correctly. If the head gasket was leaking over there, then it'd just leak into the timing chain cover and I wouldn't know about it.

More importantly this link has many thought out plans for my engine rebuild!

Original Description before I kept excitedly adding more, lol:
Chevy Prizm or 1998-2002 Toyota Corolla Timing chain tensioner?

Most people need to replace these due to an oil leak. It's as common as valve cover gasket leaks and oil pan gasket leaks. Though, I've done the oil pan gasket a few times due to a little off-roading and timing chain tensioner seals last better than that.

This silly little component leaked onto a pulley on the power steering pump making it look like I had a head gasket leak. Once I cleaned all the oil off from 2 vids later into my series, not yet release, but nearly ready to release 1 more, I realized that was even sillier. The block meets the cylinder head behind the timing chain cover, but hey, when it's all a mess (and there's still some mess) it's harder to tell.

Since some internal components change between 1999 to 2000 I'd be careful with any internal engine component across those years.

I could have messed up so easily, but I eventually discovered my 1999 has the little bit better 2000 engine, pretty cool! 5 more bHP stock or HP at the flywheel.

If you've read this deep into the description, you're a pretty rare subscriber. If you can't stand seeing all that rust, I've added to my Chevy Prizm/Toyota Corolla playlist a video showing some of the clean up. Just a minute of some tunes and some scenes of the few videos I had coming up (out now except 1, oil analysis!). Still, in my latest video about the motor mount installation, I at least spoke of the tool I use on big clean ups. I learned about it from Jafromobile (on YouTube, without him, I wouldn't be prepping for an engine rebuild). https://youtu.be/vDStX3GhDYc

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