I see it a dog and a cat very well!

KatandogPublished: March 24, 2018Updated: March 27, 2018
Published: March 24, 2018Updated: March 27, 2018

Dog and cat. They can become an infinite most terrible problem of the owners, and can please with the friendship and devotion each other, surprising all members of household. To precisely define why how there will be relations between these, the animals conflicting in national folklore depends, it is impossible, but some scenarios of development of friendship or hostility exist and about them the speech in the real material will go.

Dog and cat, friends since the birth
First example. Once upon a time there was a family. Nobody admits that gradually feelings become dull and begins to be wanted something new. Anyway, but the family goes to the market or to special club of animals and chooses to itself a kitten and a puppy or friendly acquaintances present such live gift. And here dog and cat of the house. The delight of owners doesn't have a limit, but we will look at new family members. If the kitten and a puppy saw each other since both opened eyes, and it often happens to the underbred animals who were born and living in the yard, then, most likely, they are unseparable friends, especially, if any time him, small was necessary to be only in the dung, there is nobody was to have fun and play, except as with "opponent". In that case this "opponent" is perceived as a being of the look and distinction among themselves and fall and leveled by him, at least for accustoming each other. As practice shows, the dogs and cats seeing each other since the birth are the best friends. The case when the family buys a kitten and the puppy who is grown up in different houses and never seeing each other can be a variation on this subject. In such situations the kitten behaves very watchfully and is even aggressive, the puppy, on the contrary, is lovely and good-natured, at once climbs "to kiss" and play (if I am, of course, not coward), than causes an additional negative in a kitten who owing to his cat's nature needs considerably bigger time to adapt to the new house and its inhabitants. Such difference in behavior can create at hosts wrong idea that a puppy good and tender, and the kitten has got bad and offends a good puppy. The poor kitten if the behavior of owners corresponds to this initial installation, he will hate a puppy and to be at enmity with owners with whom, most likely, won't be able to coexist long in one room rather they with him. If owners show tolerance and friendliness to both animals, then a full-fledged dog and a cat who will stand firm the friend for the friend will grow from them and at the same time will keep the features individual and peculiar to a look. So the large dog will protect the friend of a cat from foreign dogs, but all other cats will receive steadily from him on the first. A cat, being on friendly terms with this dog, will get for him delicacies, generously sharing entertainments with the favourite companion of the childhood and hissing on all other dogs.

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