The Incredible Story Of Dexter And His Struggle With Paw-Eye Coordination

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Published: March 24, 2018Updated: March 29, 2018

This black labs name is Dexter, better known as Dex or D-Man. Dex is a rescue pup after being involved and injured in a car accident. He was a few weeks old when hit and had just wandered away from his mother. It was evident that someone was watching over him, as where he was hit, there was a veterinary hospital across the road! Dex was rushed over by a passing motorist where he received some surgery and much-needed love and care. The owners learned of the accident and attended the hospital, but after learning of the outstanding bills walked away. Dex was put up for adoption and a young lady who came to see him in his little red cast took him home that day! And that home is where he has stayed and become part of the family.

The accident left Dex with some hip issues and a small degree of brain damage. Although heartbreaking, Dex remains as playful as ever and absolutely loves kids and running around with them.

As seen in the video, he struggles with his paw-eye co-ordination at times! Making his interactions while playing catch always amusing and fun! No matter how many times the ball gets thrown up into the air he seems to jump almost immediately. Even if it’s a treat being tossed! Dex is always eager to play catch and always seems to get a hold of that thing eventually!

Watch as this slo-mo video shows the ball leaving his owners hand and Dex jumping almost immediately leaving the ball to the only land in front of him! Get it, Dexter!

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      JeremyandLuigi · 42 weeks ago

      Dexter is adorable!

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      I was never picked for the team either. Dexter, my brother(lol). Nice upload.

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      Dexter is beautiful! I subscribed, welcome to Rumble!

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      This dog is a great example of determination no matter what! Great channel and subscribed as your nr12 subscriber. Feel free to check out my channel and subscribe if you like.