Slow Motion Captures Horse's Ridiculous Facial Expressions

Published March 24, 2018 14,774 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesNo one can deny that horses are majestic animals. With their silky manes and lithe bodies they can capture the attention of any onlooker. However, they are not to be undermined because behind the beautiful exterior, these beasts possess such power and strength, it can hardly be rivaled in the natural world.

Horses are an old friend of man. We’ve had them by our side for a long time and they’ve been a very loyal companion. Primarily used to help us travel and deliver goods, nowadays these animals are kept in stables and used either in derbies or as family pets, enjoying the love from their owners. Although there are some of them roaming in the wild, a greater percent has been domesticated throughout the centuries.

Being in their presence we can’t help but notice another, goofy side of them. When they feel like they are far from harm and surrounded by people that only want to do them good, horses are able to show all of their cards. From behaving like little kids while playing tag with the horse whisperers, to searching for carrots in every nook and cranny to making the silliest grimaces while cleaning their teeth, horses look every bit as human as us, and this horse’s antics are there to prove it. This goofy horse loves to smile and make funny faces for the camera showing all of his pearly whites. Check it out in this epic slow motion footage!