John's ESL Community: English Grammar--Adjectives

JohnsESLCommunity Published March 24, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble John's ESL Community: English Grammar--Adjectives: Do you understand how to use English adjectives? Do you struggle with what adjective to use? Do you know there is an order in which adjectives should be placed when using more than one adjective in a sentence? In this video, I will about talk about English adjectives. Adjectives are words that are used to describe nouns. In other words, adjectives add information and tell us more about the nouns they modify. Adjective answer the questions how many?, what kind?, which one? And how much? The topics I will cover today are as follows.
1. First I will tell you what adjectives are.
2. Then I will talk about the types of adjectives.
3. After that, I will talk about the position of adjectives. By that I mean not only where adjectives go in a sentence, but the order in which we place adjectives when more than one adjective is used.
After watching my video about adjectives and how to use them, you will be better prepared to use adjectives in your daily life. So, stop struggling with English. Ready? Let’s get started.