Little Boy's Train Whistle Sends Husky Into Howling Fit

rynsakahkPublished: March 24, 2018Updated: March 28, 20183,984 views
Published: March 24, 2018Updated: March 28, 2018

Huskies - if you didn’t see all that fur, you might think that they are just tiny grumbling toddlers. If you saw the fur, then you’d know that they are just not so tiny grumbling toddlers with an ability to withstand the toughest of winters. They’ll probably whine about that too, but they’ll make it through unscathed. It seems that whatever we do, they’ll find a reason to sneak in a disapproving look. But we love them anyway.

Apparently this pet husky isn’t too fond of this little boy’s train whistle. Those noises it’s making are horrible and have the ability to hurt his ears and this offended pupper makes sure he tells his buddy that enough is enough.However, what he doesn’t realize is that his protests create quite an awesome melody.

It seems that the two friends get along like a house on fire, even when it comes to creating music. The little human is very happy to provide the tune for the next best husky song, although we’re sure that Mr. Husky would have wanted the human to play that train whistle with a bit more finesse. Either way, their interaction is quite hilarious.

Huskies make for great pets. They are very protective of their own, making them look quite stubborn from time to time, but it’s all in good nature. Husky owners know that it’s a delight to have them in your home. They might not always follow your commands, but just remember that you own a living being with its own character and not a mindless computer, and you’ll be able to experience the husky charm.

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