Llama Raps! - Chinese Teacher adapted "Humble." by Kendrick for her graduates

PandaClassPublished: March 23, 2018
Published: March 23, 2018

If you still think few Chinese people are fascinated by hip hop culture, you can't be more wrong. Xiong Yijun, an English teacher in Wuhan No.59 Junior High School, China, uploaded a home-made music video, named herself DBear Llama, and made it a hit - not only were her ninth graders involved in, she also did it in a funky and hippity way - covering the trendy top hit HUMBLE. by Kendrick Lamar with a funny llama mask, which has a goatee in Jack Sparrow's style.
"Many of my students tend to be content as they are and have no idea what extraordinary is. They need to be told there's still so much to learn, but in a less formal or educational way, " said Xiong. "By the time I watched Kendrick's video, I knew this was it. I used to make a lot of videos and I'm quite experienced in the field, so the making was out of question. What concerned me most was about lyrics and video-shooting."
Apparently the lyrics couldn't be aggressive, so Xiong spend three days working on it and another three days recording the vocal track. Considering all her students were preparing for the high school entrance exam, she decided to spare 30 minutes out of the two-hour individual study time. She even set up a mini studio for the solo shots.
"I was moved by my students' passion but honestly speaking, I was not so satisfied with the scenes. But we spared no efforts to make it look cool."

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