Trump & the Rothschild Banking Cartel – “It’s One Big Club and You Aint in it”

2 months ago

Trump vows to indemnify police.

Where have we heard that word before? Oh, with Big Pharma and their poisonous vaccines. They cannot be tried for their crimes by the people they kill.

So, Trump wants cops to have immunity from their crimes also. This is a slippery slope here. We have to think down the road with all these immigrants. What better plan to destroy American than to make the illegal immigrant the cops and then insure they can do whatever they want without worry of being punished. Not good.

Trump: “I'm also going to indemnify all police officers and law enforcement officials throughout the United States from being destroyed by the radical left for taking strong action on crime,” Trump said Tuesday at a campaign event in Waterloo, Iowa. December 23, 2023.

This is how we know that both the “radical left” and the right are on the same side. They set each other up with things that sound good but they already know the other sides counter punch and that punch is always a smack in the face of the people.

Trump acts like he is pro-gun, until one of their psyop false flags happen and then he said: “I like taking the guns first, go through due process second.”

This kind of talk may seem to make sense at first, but it is like getting a foot in the door, once you have your foot in the door you want to get inside. That is a devious way of inching their way to take GUNS. That is Anti-Constitutional and a violation of the second amendment.

As this guy in the video says – People believe that Trump may be the lesser Evil compared to Biden.

First of all, I don’t think so, once you research Trump, you will find out he is a greedy, corrupt snake.

Second, if you are admitting both are evil and one is lesser evil – when you vote for one of them you are giving your energy and dedication to evil.

If you believe they both are evil and one is the lesser evil, why vote? We don’t have to settle for lesser evil. We shouldn’t be voting for Evil period, ever.

It’s time to stop giving them our attention.

Obama increased US Debt by $8.6 Trillion in 8 years.

Trump increased US Debt by $8.4 Trillion in 4 years.

It took 198 years to rack up $1 Trillion in debt and that occurred in 1981. We are now $34 Trillion in Debt.

The Peterson Foundation further puts our debt in perspective, noting that “$34 trillion is enough to cover a public four-year degree for every graduating high-school student for 106 years.”

When the debt increases it makes your labor worth much less. That is why it is important to drop the fraudulent federal reserve. Why give all our money to Foreigners who want to destroy America.

Do you think the past 10 president were unaware of this? Hell no. The knew. They know.

BOTH sides are on the same team and the is not Team America.
March 27, 2020: Trump signed the H.R.748, The CARES Act – that robbed Americans of $6.2 TRILLION. An act that contains over 5,000 pages that none of them read and who really knows how and who really put it all together.
That one signature was one of the greatest transfer of wealth in history. Look how giddy all those criminals were. Trump, then handed the pen to a smiling Mitch McConnell, the one who strokes out all the time. Ridiculous.
In this act it completely gives protection to EVERY Agency involved in the manufacturing and distribution of the poisonous experimental mRNA’s.
December 20, 2019: Trump signs the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, grants a base budget of $658.4 billion and an additional $71.5 billion for overseas contingency operations funding, a.k.a. the war budget.
That is $738 for one year for his cronies running the Military Industrial Complex. Who were the distributors of the covid mRNA vaccines? The DoD.
Is the DoD pro- New World Order? ABSOLUTELY YES.
They are the Military Arm for the New World Order and have been since the early 1900’s when America signed it’s life away to the Federal Reserve in 1914.
People need to wake up because Donald Trump is NOT on your side. Not hardly. Not one bit. He is a charming deceiver.
I wish I was wrong. But I’m not. Biden is just an idiot that tries to take orders, but he couldn’t take an order at McDonald’s.
People think that Trump isn’t against America, but just look at what he did. It’s right there.
He has made his friends SO freaking wealthy that Trump will be loved forever and his family will be rewarded. He is a fraud.
He flat out stole Trillions of US Taxpayer funds and made them pay for their own demise in taking the Covid shots. Then he signed those two acts that made sure that people who died, were injured were disabled could not do a damn thing about it.
Trump’s Operation Warp Speed – “I guess in a certain way I’m the Father of the Vaccine, because I was the one that pushed it and to get it done in less than 9 months was a miracle. Fauci said that it would take 3 to 5 years.”
Oh how proud to be the one who pushed the FDA to greenlight an experimental solution that would modify everyone’s genes. That IS what it does. And then go on tv and say it is those who haven’t taken the vaccine who are in hospital.
The guy has been lying all his life that he that is all he knows. Lies.
Trump was bailed out of bankruptcy by Wilbur Ross, a Rothschild employee, and a main one in the USA. Then Trump makes Wilbur Ross the Commerce Secretary.
COME ON GUYS – It cannot be much clearer. Seriously.
What about Hillary? Lock her up. She would be in jail. LOL.
The second he was inaugurated that tune changed. Trump said he was “HONORED” to have Bill and Hillary attend – right after he was inaugurated. What a LIAR.
That should have been the first RED Flag right then and there.
Trump is clapping right in the microphone for the people he called criminals and needed to be locked up.
What a disgrace.
Then he says “I got a lot of respect for those two people right there.”
I guess when you rape, torture and murder children – those are people that you respect if you’re Donald Trump.
Do you think that Trump wasn’t aware? LOL. He knew – 100%.
Then you have the mass murderer, war monger, Henry Kissinger – who Trump calls “my long time respected friend.” “I’ve like him, I’ve respected him, but we’ve been friends for a long time, long BEFORE my emergence into politics.” “It’s an honor to have Dr. Kissinger with us, a man of immense talent, experience and knowledge.”
Then you have Trump and good ole Klaus Schwab.
Trump extended the lockdown – remember that?
Biden and Trump serve the SAME masters, create the same policies, they are just fed different directions by the great architect – the great deceiver – the force of darkness.
Is this not enough crumbs to make a piece of bread?
These guys are all given scripts and they don’t need to know the how’s and why’s – but just trust the plan, execute it and everything will work out.
Trust the Plan. The plan of the Force of Darkness. The Grand Architect.



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