5 years ago

The Floor Is Lava For This Goat

Goats are adorable, aren’t they? They’re sweet, small, furry and a lot of fun to be around. They’re also capable of all kinds of mischief! The goat in this video definitely falls into that last category.

As you can see, he lives on the farm with a bunch of cows and somehow manages to not only get on the back of one of the cows, he jumps from that cow’s back to another and then another and another! It’s like the goat has developed his own American Ninja course using the backs of his bigger friends! The farm’s dog just looks on in amazement.

If you would ask us, we would definitely say that the kid is thinking the snow is lava and if he were to step on it, he will burn, incinerate into dust! We all played that game when we were kids, jumping from couch to recliner, climbing up against the backrest and hoping to find a higher place to serve as a vantage point. It sure was a lot of fun and this little kid proves it true once again.

The cows all look at the goat like the silly kid that it is, while it walks back and forth and jumps on their backs. We can almost hear them telling the kid: Junior, get off my neck!

How we would love to play that game right now...

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