The Shroud Of Turin New Evidence With Fr. Andrew Dalton

25 days ago

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Matt speaks with expert on the shroud of Turin, Fr. Andrew Dalton LC, about ...
you guessed it, Jesus and the Shroud of Turin, and why it's authentic and what that means.
Pints With Aquinas

Fr. Andrew Dalton

Shroud Studies

Shroud Of Turin

Acta Pilate: Pilate's Report To Caesar Of The Arrest, Trail, Crucifixion, And Resurrection Of Jesus (34:29)

Shroud Of Turin: Evidence Of Its Authenticity (1:43:30)
by The God Talk

ACH (2297) Pastor Andy’s Traditional Christian Message #92 – Who Killed Jesus? (11:58)

ACH (2183) Pastor Andy's Christian Message #59 - Christ Is Risen - Evidences For The Resurrection (25:13)

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